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Please retype the anti-spam code "". By entering an email address, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy. Shopping cart. New user Forgot your password? New products. Groups In the following sections you will find some info regarding the role of a bard in certain groups. Of course it depends on your play style and with who and at what level you are playing together with others, so here you will find some general guide lines and hints for certain situations but a lot simply comes from experience - as in critical situations you often will have to act without a second thought.

Groups in general The bard is the perfect character for any group. He is able to replace nearly any other class to a certain degree. Often a bard is requested to replace an enchanter in a group. He is very important on most raids, since many songs, like Elemental Chorus or Purifying Chorus, prove quite helpful in many encounters. At lvl 55 bards get Occlusion of Sound, which lowers the resists of the target.

Without this song, slowing on raids would be a pain in the a When leveling in PoP and beyond, bards initially lose most of their ability to do crowd control, due to the level limit on their mez and charm songs. During your downtime At level 6 you receive Hymn of Restoration, your first HP regen song, which should be your default choice during downtime until your group members are back to full health. I recommend always twisting your heal and mana songs at least till as long as not everyone has full hp until you get the level 34 Cantata of Soothing, which does both at once.

In case you lack an Enchanter, though, start off right away trying to mez any adds. If your group has many melees, you should stick to haste songs and other buffs during battle. This means a huge overall power increase. If you have an even balance of both, then compromise and try to help everyone at once. Before then, gaining experience would take much longer in a group than solo.

The lvl 6 heal song makes the bard a famous addition for low level groups. The lvl 10 song is an expansion of the lvl 1 song that doesn't give strength and AC, but haste instead. With lvl 20 every bard should be in heaven - the first mana song! Snare and Slow become available at lvl 23 and complete the all-round image.

bard aoe spots p99

Level 32 gives you the 2nd manasong, and 2 levels later you get a song that regenerates not only mana but hitpoints as well. From lvl 36 on you get a better haste song that you use until level Then you get a haste song with the same attack increase, but it adds strength instead of agility, which is much more important - 17 - for most melee fighters. Lvl 49 gives you a run speed song that lasts for seconds. Lvl 60 is the real highlight.Quad kiting is a method of Soloing that be used by specific classes to kill up to four mobs at one time, making for an efficient way to gain experience.

Druidswizardsand bards are able to cast area-of-effect AoE songs and spells that can land on up to four mobs at once. While snared and running in tight circles, people are able to eventually wear down mobs' hit points. Properly done, it can be a faster means of soloing than other methods, such as kiting or root-rotting.

Quint Kiting became possible when druid spells were introduced which hit 5 mobs at once. These spells are on different recast timers and while the recast timer is fairly long 12 secondssince 4 spells are available, in chain-casting them there is always one available to cast.

When enhanced with AA's and foci which increase damage and the chance for critical strikes, a skilled druid can take down as many as 18 mobs in less than 10 minutes, just using these spells. Recipe Search Search by Item.

bard aoe spots p99

Mediabox Archives War to Reclaim Gobb. Patch History. New to the Game? Progression Armor Raiding. Progression Armor. EQ:Quad Kiting.Note: This guide started out as Deajay's personal experience kiting with his bard, but it has since been modified with other people's suggestions with his consent.

Starting at level 2, you can kite effectively by strafe-running. The area in Butcherblock Mountains near Kaladim is ideal for this because it has an enormous density of level 1 monsters with the occasional monster.

Make a few loops through this area and grab up as many monsters as you can the way to do this pre-Selo's is to just have Chords of Dissonance on auto-loop and strafe-run through the area, using your mouse to slowly turn when necessary. Once you have a good amount, take them to a quiet, relatively flat area to DoT them down - a nice place can be found if you face Kaladim, then follow the wall to the right i. You can afford to get hit a little because the monsters don't have bash yet.

Kiting gets slow from level 4 or 5 until level 8 because monster HP gets quite high relative to the 3 damage your Chords of Dissonance does without a stringed instrument - at this point, maybe do some single-target meleeing or group up. Once you hit 8, kiting becomes viable again. My bank bot did East Freeport newbie area strafe kiting from L At L1, try to avoid orcs and beetles, but by L3 you can gather pretty much everything in the newbie yard. This should work in virtually all bard city newbie yards.

The bandit sister camp in Greater Faydark location 3. Get grizzly bearswillowispsand silvermist wolves. Avoid getting animals from near the druid rings, because the druids there like to SoW them. Also avoid lions, since their run speed is a little faster than other animals', and beetles, because they are a little slower. An added bonus is that you can hand in greater lightstones to the gypsy camp for added EXP and some platinum. I'd advise NOT pulling the silvermist wolves as they run faster than than the bears and willowisps.

A good place to pull to is just south of the bridge to EK - between the bridge and the farm on the river bank. PS: The beetles in NK are great experience up through 17, many in zone and if you zoom out from regular view, you just need to keep their pincers on screen and nothing else and it's easy to safely land dots and if you mess up it's easy to reset because they are slow. The only complication is that you have to keep an eye when building your swarm.

They will lose aggro if too far away. An added bonus to them being slow: if you get an unwanted mob in your swarm, it will be way in front of the beetles so you can get the guards to kill it before circling. The derv and orc camps in Southern Rolulling the casters and taking them out solo afterward.

Yes, you can lull the Oracle and pull the warriors, but the Oracles are shamans and cast SOW on orcs in it's immediate area. Not fun. Also, pay extra attention to avoid running into a puma.

Sometimes they ambush you when you run over a dune. They're usually green or light blue, but they run faster than the other mobs. From 12 through 17, East Karana is a great option. Avoid lions, but go for the various wolves, snakes, and gnolls the gnolls can be found in the southern part of the zone. They're slow mobs, so I advise you turn Selo's off and just strafe-run. At level 16 I was still getting over a yellow per pull if I managed to grab most of the zone's beetles.

From 12 through 19, Field of Bone is also a great option. You can start off with burynai in the pit, then move to the various monsters on the east side of the zone.

Lake of Ill Omen fields. I did off the non-caster wanderers between locations 9 and Power Levelling is the act of using extra items, spells and most often another character to boost the rate at which at new character levels.

Several different methods exist, some more powerful than other. The simplest method of power levelling is to get help from a character of higher level, from outside of the group with the twink s. The help will typically be in the form of healing, buffing, and helping out in emergencies.

You can group up to buff, teleport, etc. There are restrictions in place to prevent very low-level characters from receive high-level buffs - Read about buff level ranges here. The restriction also includes healing spells. Still, even low-level buffs with provide you with a noticable increase in survivability and damage output. Focus on buffs that provide Hipoints, damage shield, Haste and Regeneration primarily, and also keep some healing spells ready.

Some mounts also provide several hundred Hitpoints and some AC, and are usable at level 1. Load up a fitting direct damage spell, if available, to make it as easy as possible. The most powerful method for levelling a new character quickly abuses the fact that damage done to monsters by damage shields does not 'count' as damage, in the sense that the damage just reduces monster Hitpoints without taking experience credit.

For example, if a monster has Hitpoints and one character does damage via damage shield, another character can swoop in and do the final damage and get the full experience credit.

To begin with, you will need a character that is high-level, durable, and has access to relatively large damage shields. The more powerful the character is, the further you can take the low-level via power levelling using this method. The strategy entails pulling a ton of monsters with your high-level character and gathering them in place. While the monsters slowly get whittled down by the damage shield on the high-level, the low-level character steps near the pack of monsters and fires off an AE spell in order to do at least 1 point of damage to each monster, getting the full experience credit in the process.

In order to be able to do this, the monsters cannot be too high level above the low-level, so you need to execute the method in tiers, moving on as the low-level gains levels. It is crucial that the low-level can do at least 1 point of damage to each monster in the pull, or at least the majority of monsters, or it will be a waste.

There should be no more than 15 levels difference between the low-level and the monsters, or it will be fruitless attempting to land spells.

Targeted AE spells or Rain-type spells can only hit a limited amount of targets 3 or 4and will not be any good. The following classes have direct access to a usable AE spell at reasonably low levels:.

If the character you're power levelling does not get an AE at level 1, simply power level him through regular means until the level where he gets the AE spell, or in the case of the Bard, either complete the first 'Jail Break!

If your low-level does not have an AE spell at all, such as a melee character, there are other methods:.

Project 1999 - Bard Kiting Tutorial

Don't stop as soon as you've cast one AE spell or procced your weapon once, as there will likely be resists. Keep casting or proccing until you estimate, judging your chat log, that almost all monsters have been hit. The most crucial part of the strategy is buffing damage shield. If you're looking to power level to around level 70, you should at least be able to buff a point damage shield; the more the better. You can get by with less, but it'll take more time.

Start by buffing your high-level to the teeth. Focus on defensive buffs that provide Hitpoints, AC, movement speed, Regeneration, and most importantly, damage shield. Make absolutely sure that your low-level is in a safe spot, then commence with the pull. Pull as many monsters as you can handle, and beware that you don't run so far away that the monsters start resetting. As you return to your camp, it is best to wedge yourself in a corner, with the monsters beating you in the direction of the corner, so that you don't constantly have to re-adjust your position.

Be very, very careful that you don't step too close to the pack of angry monsters or you might get killed from proximity agro.Project - Classic Everquest. Project is a free to play Classic Everquest Server, unaffiliated with Daybreak Game Company but operating under legal permission.

Our goal is to restore the magic and difficulty of the original Everquest game, including the mechanics, interface, and challenges of Original Content, Kunark, and Velious.

Project is the most popular and most accurate reincarnation of Old School Everquest. Looking to Play Project ? Check out our Setup Guide. Looking for the latest Patch Files? Get them here: Project Patch Files V This also caused mobs to fall through bridge at VP entrance, causing weird pathing in lava around zone in. Haynar: Fixed a bug with spell and combat push, which could cause mobs to fall below world.

Mage area of effect locations

Update Friday, March 27th: The pathing changes have been reverted for now. These ZEMs have not been looked at for a long time on the project, and having looked at them, there was a lot of disparity between them.

We feel that adjusting these will help restore some balance between underutilized and overutilized zones. The majority of zones are receiving a change to their value. Starting with outdoor zones, we aimed for a baseline that all of these zones should be at.

We then addressed dungeons and special zones, taking into consideration their risk vs reward and typical population numbers. This has resulted in the following changes. Note that the ZEM is only one small part of a large formula that calculates overall experience gain. As a result, the actual change that you notice may be less than what is reflected below.

We will be keeping an eye on the results of these changes and may make further adjustments as necessary. South Qeynos was not changed.

Surefall Glade was not changed.

Rivervale was not changed. Erudin Palace was not changed. Erudin was not changed. Neriak Foreign Quarter was not changed. Neriak Commons was not changed. Neriak Third Gate was not changed.

Grobb was not changed. Ak'Anon was not changed. Northern Felwithe was not changed.I've read a lot about how it's impossible to swarm, or AoE kite here as a bard. It's true, it's hard. The hit boxes, or hit reach, whatever you want to call it, is wierd here.

First off, I played a Bard on live, until luclin. I knew how to do all kinds of soloing, from regular DoTing and running, to charm kiting huge crowds of mobs, and fear kiting.

I've actually never heard, read, or seen anything before on AoE kiting I didn't read forums or guides much back then. I've read here on P99 that the conclusion is, if you want to AoE kite, you have to eat hits everytime you DoT. Well, it's not totally true, even though I do get hit, I barely have any downtime. You have to understand the way the hit reach works with mobs here.

For some reason, if you run in a straight line away from a mob in any direction, their reach is really long. Note, I said in a straight line. In order to not get hit while trying to kite multiple mobs, is not to run in a straight line, ever. Here is how I am doing it right now. I will get Selo's on, go gather up about 5 blue con mobs, and then slowly circle around in a large area to get them all in a bunch tightly fit together, you can't have your mobs spread apart.

So after I make sure they are tightly wound, I start circling tighter. You have to be close to the mobs, but not close enough to get hit, and keep going in your circle. I use a "tapping" method. So, once Im able to DoT, I swap in my lute for one dot, cast selos, swap in the horn for the second dot, cast selos', and then I can either keep my tight circle dangerous or make my circle much bigger to give myself some breathing room little less dangerous.

Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest - 1.3 SOLO QUESTS

Or, I can run away and let the DoTs do their work, then swing back in again to re-dot. The thing about running away, and not keeping your small circle, is you have to kind of use a "swirl" movement and run away, never run in a straight line away from them, they can hit you from really far away that way.

You can kind of run in a "zig zag" tapping left and right while moveing forward and they cant hit you. You will learn the timing and pacing of tapping your left or right key so that the mobs cant hit you. Keep in mind, I've noticed some mobs don't group well with others. Some can hit you from farther, due to their size or mob type. For example, I stay the hell away from the Crag Spiders in EK because for some reason I get hit all the time, and then they poison me. Keep in mind to have your regen song memmed at all times, you can quickly regen your HP back up in case you mess up, and then continue dotting after words.

Practice with lower level'd, like-kinded mobs like all gnolls, or all wolves. Right now in EK I usually grab the entire gnoll hill and kite them down, seems to work best, even though it's way more mobs at once than I am comfortable with.

In addition to tapping to make smaller circles and get closer to the mobs, I will diagonally strafe away from them. This ensures that my hit box is not fully exposed, and yet the center of my model and theirs are close enough to land the DoTs. I can go an entire kite without getting hit - the secret is to wait until Selo's ticks before playing your DoT "Your feet move faster"so as to have the full timer in case you have a few missed notes.

After each DoT, refresh Selo's. You will miss some DoTs. Either they won't land or you weren't close enough. This is okay - regroup yourself and try again after Selo's is refreshed.

bard aoe spots p99

The exp and silk from level is worth the hundreds of circles. This is a wiki for a reason.If you are new to classic EQ, just try to enjoy leveling and treat it as an adventure.

Leveling to max level in Everquest will usually take months. There are some factors that can level you faster though.

You choice of class matters a lot, which we will be looking at further on in the guide. How much plat you have or how much you are able to twink your character also matters a bunch, especially for certain classes.

As you can see above. Some races have a experience penalty or bonus and a few classes have bonuses. Like Iksar having a regen that will decrease your downtime while leveling. Warriors and Rogues get a XP bonus but are not the best at solo play, relying on groups a lot to level up. Bard: The fastest leveling class. It takes some skill to master the Bard though and it has a steep learning curve. You must learn to kite and not get hit, but you can basically kite entire zones. At later levels you can also powerlevel other players for fast XP.

Necromancer: One of the best leveling classes. Has a powerful pet, mana regen, charm and feign death. Magician: Up there with Necro. Has pets, damage shields and nukes. Very easy and fast class to level. Wizard : Can quad kite. Has powerful nukes and can port. Generally good leveling class.

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